European Functional Swords

European Functional Swords

European Functional Swords brought to you by The Hermits Grotto.  Functional European Swords are swords that are ready for battle.  There are many types of functional swords such as functional carbon steel and stainless steel functional swords.  These european functional swords make a great gift.  Plus we carry a large selection of European Functional Swords to choose from.

Functional European Swords For Sale

Sword of Roven

Practical Knightly Sword

Practical Hand and a Half


Practical Baskethilt Sword

Castile Sword

Effigy Sword

Cortenova Sword

Dagese Sword

Polish Sword

King Henry Ceremonial Sword

Practical Norman Sword

Dutch Cutlass

German Hunting Saber

Brass Basket-Hilt Claymore

Lowlander Sword

Antiqued Claymore

Confederate Cavalry Officer Saber

Leuterit Viking Sword

15th Century Longsword

1860 Light Cavalry Saber

Roman Gladius-Pompeii

Brass Pirate Cutlass Sword

Pirate Cutlass Sword

Practical Viking Sword

Tinker Long Sword - Blunt

Tinker Long Sword - Sharp

Basket-Hilted Broadsword

Saracen Scimitar

Wallace Claymore

English Two-Hand Sword

Cruciform Cross Sword

Practical Side Sword

Knightly Sword

Sword Of Troy

Hungarian Sword

Crusader Sword

Oakeshott Type XIIA

Naumburg Sword

Naval Cutlass

Pirate Hanger Sword

Beowulf Ring Hilt Sword

Albrecht II Sword

Antiqued Lowlander Sword

Highland Claymore

Practical Mortuary Hilt Sword

Antiqued Mortuary Hilt Sword

Basket-Hilt Broadsword

Scottish Basket Hilt Backsword

Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword

Damascus Sir William Marshall Sword

Sir William Marshall Sword

German Bastard Sword

1860 Cavalry Officer's Sword

Classic Hoplite Sword

Classic Medieval Sword

Sticklestad Viking Sword

German Falchion

Roman Gladius Mainz Pattern

Damascus Viking Sword

Edward III Sword

Hungarian Saber

The Castile Signature Edition Sword

Sword Of Valor

Sword Of Nobility

Angus Trim Practical Long Sword

Angus Trim Practical Arming Sword

Erbach Sword

Swedish Viking Sword

Five Lobe Viking Sword

Trondheim Viking Sword

Oakeshott Type XIV Sword

Bastard Sword

Two-Hand Claymore

Scottish Cutlass Sword

Scottish Court Sword

Mortuary Hilt Sword

Ulfberht Sword

Godfred Viking Sword

Italian Falchion


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